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Who We Are

Contemporary And Modern Art (CAMA)

CAMA aims to encourage and facilitate the dissemination of art, honouring the pioneers and established masters while also identifying and attracting young talents. Amongst its primary goals, CAMA also professes the desire to encourage and facilitate the culture of buying and selling artworks, building an infrastructure to boost the economy of art market and taking advantage of a variety of specialised services.

Through extensive collaborations with a network of professors, professionals and leading experts in various fields of the art world, offering support and services across an education, research, exhibitions, curating and consultation, CAMA provides a unique context for thriving entrepreneurship for artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Ongoing Projects

All projects will share a mutual goal of changing the common view towards art.

Our aim is let the art to be seen as a media for expressing ideas, messages and different perspectives towards life. Art, throughout the history, has always been a strong way for communicating, a unique way in which no language would be needed. All people around the globe will have the opportunity of enjoying this valuable market, each in their desired way, which suits them more. This art related business have been designed to empower everyone for enjoying art and access to the glory of this market, regardless of their nationality, wealth, geographic and any possible obstacle that one possibly faces.

Our Team

The core experienced and dedicated team of professional developers, engineers, designers, artists and advisors.

Mehrad Khosheghbal - CAMA - co-founder
Mehrad Kbl

Chief Creative Officer

With a vast knowledge in the field of art, Mehrad has a keen eye for good storytelling as well as a wealth of innovative ideas. He advises the team on how to create a game-changing design to a wider audience.

Department of design

Mona Egb.

Chief Executive Officer & Art Advisor

With more than 2 decades of active presence in the field of art, as an art curator and advisor, Mona has been supporting CAMA in achieving its goals, since its establishment. She has rich knowledge of art and artists and therefore, has empowered CAMA in serving both as they deserve.

Department of contemporary art

Mona Khosheghbal - CAMA - co-founder
Shirin Mazaheri - CAMA - co-founder
Shirin Mari

Chief Human Resources Officer

With more than 15 years of experience and broad knowledge in the fields of technology and management, she has been one of the key members in CAMA, since its establishment. During the time, she has taken diverse responsibilities, and for each, she delivered the best result possible.

Department of human resources

Mo Gari

Chief Operating Officer & Business Advisor

Mo's the mastermind of the business. With more than 15 years of experience in advising and managing successful businesses, he's been playing a pivotal role in the CAMA organisation, since its establishment.

Department of sales

Mo Khosheghbal - CAMA - co-founder
Jaber Borzi - CAMA
Jaber Borzi

Chief Technical Officer

Broad knowledge and experience in the field of technology, has made him one of the key members in the CAMA organisation. Jaber's willingness to take initiatives to help the team serve the technical needs of the projects is stunning.

Department of technology development

Sharvin Mai

Chief Marketing Officer

He is responsible for his team to make the most influential impact on the market. The smooth operation by Sharvin, including planning creative strategies for the department of marketing in CAMA, has indeed increased the efficiency of CAMA in reaching out to more audiences.

Department of Marketing & Press

Sharvin Mai - CAMA
Reza Rym - CAMA
Reza Rym

Chief Knowledge Officer

Reza takes terrific responsibilities in his position of managing research and development in the department of technology. With a strong knowledge and experience in the field of technology, he is always available for his team to help them through difficulties and lead them with bright ideas.

Department of technology development

Mitra Kar

Chief Financial Officer & Financial Advisor

With nearly 2 decades of experience in the field of finance, she is leading CAMA towards achieving its financial goals. Mitra had an extensive background in advising and supervising financial departments in large companies, before joining CAMA.

Department of finance

Mitra Kar - CAMA
Shahrzad Modi - CAMA
Shahrzad Mot

Project Manager

Her communication, management and planning skills have made her a real asset to the company. She manages all complicated projects professionally to meet the deadline and therefore, her hardworking has empowered CAMA to continue its developments efficiently.

Department of technology develpment

Merriam Gam

Senior Software Developer

The team of technology development enjoys working with her. She is the soul of the team with her communication skills, teamwork, hardworking and sense of humour. Merriam's efficient skills and experience in the field of technology have added exceptional value to the company.

Department of technology develpment

Maryam Gam - CAMA
Nazli Hani - CAMA
Nazli Hani

Data Analyst Expert

With excellent analytical and modelling skills, deep understanding of the organization’s situation and strategies, Nazli boosts CAMA towards higher achievements.

Department of technology develpment

CAMA in Press

We have been featured by several news agencies more than 200 times.

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